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Secrets of the Universe

Walking the Conscious Path


Secrets of the Universe, is a YouTube series that pulls the curtain back on everyday reality, revealing the spiritual fabric that upholds your daily life. Using a spiritual lens and forty years of psychological experience, I will take you on a journey into the magic of creation. You will learn that each moment of your life is a gift and a steppingstone toward Self Realization and Personal Freedom. I have built this series based on my study and practice of western psychology, years of engagement with ancient mystical traditions and direct experience of higher states of consciousness.

Each segment will be 10 minutes in length and cover a new topic. This series will include online tele-classes for individuals who want to go more deeply into the subject matter. Please see events page. 

Topics include – The Earth Adventure, The Profound Teachings of Near Death Experiences, The Buddha’s Last Fear, Cosmic Consciousness and Conscious Relationships, The True Secret of Manifestation, Karma Doesn’t Exist, The Earth School Curriculum, The Spiritual Fire, Clearing the Mind and Freeing the Heart.

It is my greatest desire that the wisdom contained in this series will help you to remember your unique gifts and the profound purpose that propelled you into this lifetime. 

Awakening, Remembrance and Inspiration, Await You!


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Secrets of the Universe


One segment will be released each week

Video Number 1

The First Secret