I have worked as a colleague with Steve and have also had the great privilege of his mentorship throughout my career. There is no one I’ve encountered in my years spent as a therapist, a TEDx producer, the co-founder of a company, a mother of boys, who bridges the world of psychology and spirituality with equal depth, intellect, wisdom and acuity. I have experienced and witnessed Steve as a surgeon of the soul, time and again, through his teaching, his mentorship, his counsel and his leadership. In particular, Steve is adept at identifying the deep spiritual basis of psychological issues and delivering totally accessible, logical and effective methods of addressing and transmuting them. I personally have benefitted immensely from Steve’s incisive wisdom and insight at key junctures in my life when I would not have had the fortitude to step into the grand possibilities that awaited me on the other side of fear, confusion and resistance.
— Kristan S
Steve Hasenberg didn’t save my life, but he made it one worth living. If that sounds like a contradictory statement, l et me explain: Before I met Steve, I was on a path that was fundamentally adverse to who I am, and I was so out of touch with my needs, I couldn’t put this together. Day in and day out, I inched along a trajectory that yielded no satisfaction. I knew I was unhappy, but I didn’t know how to even begin to remedy it. So, begrudgingly, I sought out help. Call it karma, the grace of God, or just pure luck, I was introduced to Steve and set up my first counseling session. I remember telling myself, just before entering his office for the first time, that I’d likely only go that one time.  When I left, I remember skipping down the hall. I think I cried in the elevator ride to the garage. I knew, after just fifty minutes, that there might be a way out. I feel that we have agency in our lives, and that fulfillment and happiness do not have to be elusive.  As I continue to work with Steve, I can honestly say that I am happy. It doesn’t mean that everything is always perfect - it means that I enjoy life when things are good, and better yet, that I remember how strong and capable I am when things are bad. So I reiterate: Steve Hasenberg didn’t save my life but he might as well have, because he made it one worth living. He helped me unearth the best parts of myself, and heal the parts that were wounded. He is a mentor, and a friend. I am forever grateful for what he has done for me.
— Danny S
Steve Hasenberg is not just an exceptional spiritual psychologist. He is a true healer of the mind, body and soul. His decades long experience of integrating traditional psychology skills with spiritual practices offer more than just guidance and healing tools but also solutions to make life long changes in your life. His gifted approach offers a true heart opening experience and a journey into the deepest part of your soul, which creates real and true transformation and transcendence. Whatever it is in your life that has held you prisoner or held you back from living this life as your best life, Steve is one of the most gifted spiritual psychologists I have ever known and is the only choice I trust to get you there.  I can tell you that Steve’s loving and spiritual approach is a gift you should give yourself to change your life and create the life you truly deserve!”
— Elissa H
Above all else I wanted a therapist who connects to my soul, to the core of me. And that’s what I have with Steve. He gets it, he gets me.  His deeply intuitive understanding is the laser I need to help me see and untangle not only the knots within me but also with my connections to others. Our work together is freeing me to be myself and is supporting me in releasing, through clarity and love, outdated situations, behaviors and thoughts forms that no longer serve me. Most importantly our sessions remind me why I’m here and is the backing I need to stay on course and focused on the inside where my true peace lies; happiness comes and goes but inner peace stays.
— Jan M
I have known Steve for about 7 years and in that time he has been for me an amazing source of healing, wisdom, comfort, kindness, trust, spirituality, inspiration, encouragement, and reliability. I use those words quite thoughtfully because few people encompass all of that at once with consistency. Steve has and continues to do so. My relationship with him is one that I treasure.
— Michelle R
When I first met Steve I was in a dark and rather hopeless place, a prisoner to my own thoughts, depression and anxiety. In working with him, through his patience and guidance he has been able to give me the tools to help me deal with myself and with whatever life throws my way. He has truly given me my life back. For the first time in a long time I can experience the fullness of life and happiness again.
— Katie A
I can admit, that composing a letter to describe Steve is something I do in my head for fun every few weeks, and may be a documentary in the making! Steve is his own example of a well lived and shared biography, with the soul purpose of serving humanity from the inside out.

What he offers - from a rich history of meditation medicine; practiced with world teachers, to therapeutic counsel augmented specifically for the individual needs of clients he’s committed to helping, is a fraction of what occurs when working with him. Kind, intelligent, present and supportive... relatable, warm, devoted and able...a few words that come from my own three decades worth of experience knowing Steve...as a mentor, client and friend.

Steve has been where you are; he has been through all of life’s ups and downs and understands profoundly where you may be now. This is a most important criterion when seeking guidance and a space to see one’s self as redeemable and worthy. My life is quite simply, one that I have fallen in love with, as it is. And Steve remains my benevolent witness.
— Tamira H