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Spiritual Mentoring 

Spiritual mentoring is a way of staying committed to your daily practice by receiving support and understanding about the nuances of the path. Our mentoring group will meet once per week for 1.5 hours. In each meeting, we will address personal questions, material from Secrets of the Universe and relevant topics from my extensive work with spiritual seekers over the last 35 years. In Buddhism, a group like this is called a Sangha: a community of friends who support one another with acceptance, awareness, harmony and love. 

As the group deepens and takes root, it holds to the ideal of discovering a reverence for all of life and an acknowledgment that we are an integral part of a single, sacred fabric, lovingly interconnected with all Beings and material forms, including the rocks, trees, rivers and clouds.  

If you are interested in participating in this on-going series, please contact me.  TBA  I am also available for individualized mentoring sessions by Skype or telephone.