The greatest teacher you will ever have is the life you have been given, unfolding moment by moment, before your eyes.

Your life is an integral part of a beautiful and divine orchestration. It is as intelligent and profound as the movement of the stars. The reality that you see before your eyes is an offering that has been given to you by your soul and your daily choices. Each nuance of that offering opens to New Worlds. Welcome to my website. I am a spiritual psychotherapist, an artist, a writer and a life-long meditator. My therapy/healing work arises from a deep, abiding silence. This connection with my soul allows me to listen to the energies between your words and the life story that is carried by your cellular memory. Working with your inner stillness allows for rapid transformation and the ability for you to recover your True Self and align with your Divine purpose. Each session is powerful and purposely focused, addressing the most pressing and important issues in your life, in an environment of deep compassion, kindness and love.